Astro Forecast of July 2023 

Monthly forecast

Act before July 19 if you can

More retrogrades are coming along the way. If you still have any plans to initiate, target to do so before July 19. Here’s why:

The moon’s North node will enter Aries on July 18. The moon’s nodes switch into a new sign every 18 months. It signifies a significant shift of soul purposes and evolution on a global and personal level. North node in Aries highlights the importance of individuality, entrepreneurship, courage and initiatives. We may shift our attention from stability, security and material possession, where North node has been staying in Taurus for the past 18 months, and take a leap of faith to pursue our goals. Depending on your rising sign, transit of the North node points to the area of our lives that needs bold action and make a change. 

Avoid starting a new business or scheduling appointments with VIP on July 20 when Mars opposite Saturn and Sun opposite Pluto on July 21. The Sun will be opposite to the retrograde Pluto at Capricorn 29. The 29 degree is often considered a crisis degree, implying impatience and disappointment. Also with the July’s new moon fall on July 17 at Cancer 24, this new moon will make a final aspect to this Anaretic degree before moving to Leo.

Venus, the planet of love, sex, finance, beauty, and children, will move backward on July 22 until September 3. Avoid starting a new relationship, getting married, making major purchases or financial decisions, changing physical appearance drastically and redecorating your house during the period. This is a great time to revisit finance investments and tidying your closet. Romantic and professional connections from the past, or old issues in a relationship can resurface. Reconnect with them to reunite or find closure.

I’ll keep this monthly forecast short and maybe write separately regarding the Nodal transit to Aries and Venus retrograde later. 

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