What Venus Retrograde 2023 Means for Your Sign


Venus, the planet of love, sex, finance, beauty, and children, will move backward on July 22 until September 3. 

For those who have been following astrology for some time, you may often hear advice from the astrologers to avoid starting a new relationship, getting married, making major purchases or financial decisions, changing physical appearance drastically and redecorating your house during the period.  

This is a great time to revisit finance investments and tidying your closet. Romantic and professional connections from the past, or old issues in a relationship can resurface. Reconnect with them to reunite or find closure.

While Venus retrograde may affect all of us in different ways, people with rising signs in Taurus and Libra may feel it more personally as Venus is their natural planetary ruler. Depending on your rising signs, the Venus retrograde in Leo may ask you to review in the following areas of life. 

Physical appearance, charisma, personality Leo 
Money & FinanceAries (Speculative income eg stock market, gambling)
Cancer (Wealth, savings) 
Libra (Employment income, Business profit)
Scorpio (Income from publication and foreign or long-distance matters)  
Capricorn (Money from partners & spouse eg. Insurance, Inheritance, Commission)
Pisces (Income from creative hobbies, Income from children) 
Work & CareerScorpio (Career)
Pisces (Daily work routine) 
RelationshipAquarius (Committed partnership e.g. marriage)
Aries (Romance) 
Libra (Friendship & community) 
Home, parentsTaurus, Scoprio
Pet Pisces
Virgo (health of your committed partner)
Communication, learning,
travelling, publishing
Gemini and Sagittarius
Spirituality and isolationVirgo